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    Using PhotoQ for a photo blog

    PhotoQ is nice to use as a blog/album to use for your digital camera, either as a public blog or a restricted one if you plan to post all your private pics. Download the latest version, it is at the time of writing a beta  but I have had no issues yet. Install other plugins... Read more »

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    Protecting your blog, a few notes

    When you are using WordPress as a site with data that you don’t want everybody to see you might want to avoid public access to the site. Plugins to the rescue: Askapache Password protect: I could not configure it so not tested. Password Protect Plugin for WordPress : “This plugin will force all visitors to... Read more »

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    Follow up on A WordPress setup for photographs

    I discovered that there was a plugin for the stuff I wanted:  PhotoQ. Together with the right theme I am pleased, if only if would be able to auto-rotate and prevent images ending up  twice in the database. The theme is not 100%, I had to modify parts and it is not build completely to... Read more »

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    A WordPress setup for photographs

    My collection of photographs from my digital camera’s is getting quite big. I have tried flickr Gallery and a few other things but they just did not do100% of  what I wanted. I think I can do this with WordPress by doing the following: The right theme: Tanzaku maybe. a plugin to add photographs: Read... Read more »

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    Welcome to the new blog

    It has been a while since I last looked at WordPress. And  I am pleasantly surprised how much it has improved and evolved. It looks like it is usable as a CMS. The blog will be used to test and experiment with various settings, options, modifications and plugins.