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    Test an article Posted as the cat

    My post as a cat, And I can edit It

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    My Post as an author

    The code is still a bit rough around the edges, so I want to test what an author can do.

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    Adding Footer widgets, especially to the Twitter Bootstrap Theme.

    The Twitter Bootstrap WordPress Theme is a responsive theme. As a theme it still needs some work but there is a lot of good stuff. I have added some code to about.kuilder.net to get three widgets areas in the footer: To Functions: (functions.php)   if ( function_exists('register_sidebar') ){ register_sidebar(array( 'id' => 'footer1', 'name' => 'Footer 1',... Read more »

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    The right theme to modify

    I have been looking at a lot of themes for WordPress. especially one that is either easy to modify or on to make child themes with. So far I have had no luck, I am looking for a theme that does not use too much of its own style of coding and functionality but stays... Read more »

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    Using PhotoQ for a photo blog

    PhotoQ is nice to use as a blog/album to use for your digital camera, either as a public blog or a restricted one if you plan to post all your private pics. Download the latest version, it is at the time of writing a beta  but I have had no issues yet. Install other plugins... Read more »

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    Follow up on A WordPress setup for photographs

    I discovered that there was a plugin for the stuff I wanted:  PhotoQ. Together with the right theme I am pleased, if only if would be able to auto-rotate and prevent images ending up  twice in the database. The theme is not 100%, I had to modify parts and it is not build completely to... Read more »