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The All In One Event Calendar is one of the best event managers around appearantly. It is easy to install and use, more importantly one can import various types of calenders, I tried linking to a and that went withouit a hitch. This means one can create events in a calenders and they will be added to the on your website.

The google calendar will have to be shared, either as a public calender or ????.

I do have some issues with this , In the widgets and pages that display the events a lot of fonts are set, also with the !important tag. This means that you have to spend a lot of time disabling fonts and setting your own. This is a really annoying habit of makers: You Are A . The end user would like to fit the data in THEIR design and use THEIR fonts and color settings.

One should also  make it easy (and possible) to link/use copied from the plugin into a theme child. Now one needs to override the in the child theme but this can result in a jumpy display when the page is loaded.

If one wants to only display events from a google calendar a simpler plugin might be more appropriate like the  Google Event Calendar. For other plugins check this  overview of calendar plugins.

One can see it in action on my test site: be sure to have the lines theme active.

  • Gerrit Kuilder

    The only thing that needs sorting out is the privacy settings that are possible with Google calendars. Can it be shared with an email address or does it need to be completely public.

  • Geoff Robbins

    It’s possible to use Zend to pull information from a private Google calendar, then you can parse the data as required – for example, I manage a function suite website, details of events are stored on a private calendar but the website simply displays “Booked” or “available”, rather than “21st Birthday for Joe Bloggs” or whatever.